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What You Need To Know About The Webster Technique

Updated: Jun 19

There are endless reasons Moms benefit from chiropractic care during pregnancy. Aside from helping with aches and pains, the real purpose of having a chiropractor on your team is to help your body progress through pregnancy and be as prepared for the birthing process as possible. Adjustments remove stress from the spine, pelvis, and nervous system. Without these stressors, you and baby can grow without restriction as nature intends.

What is the Webster Technique?

This chiropractic adjusting technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster, and was designed to assess for balance in the sacrum, pelvis, connective tissues, and nervous system. During the nine short months of pregnancy, it is crucial that babies have t

he proper space and nutrition to grow. Chiropractors that are certified in the Webster Technique provide gentle and specific adjustments to remove subluxation, or restrictions in Mom’s pelvis and spine. By restoring the natural balance of Mom’s anatomy, baby can develop to their greatest potential! What a miraculous process. The body has all the tools within itself to heal and grow without us even thinking about it. The chiropractic adjustment simply allows the body to function as it is intended to.

The 3Ps: Passageway, Passenger, and Power

The 3Ps of the Webster Technique make it easy to understand how chiropractic will help create balance during your pregnancy.

Passageway refers to the pelvis and sacrum, and how they move during the labor process. The passage that baby must exit during the birthing process must be able to expand without restriction. Both the pelvic inlet and outlet are important passageways we do not want the baby getting stuck at. Adjustments make sure the sacrum and pelvis are aligned and moving properly so moms can give birth without complication.

Can you guess who the passenger is? You got it, the baby! When we talk about passenger, we focus on connective tissues which include ligaments and muscles. It is crucial to have balance in the ligaments connected to the uterus. I want you to imagine a hot air balloon. Picture the uterus as the balloon, the pelvis as the basket, and the ligaments holding the two together as the ropes. How well does a hot air balloon fly when one rope is tighter and pulling down on the balloon unevenly? Not very well. Chiropractors will be especially focused on the round ligaments, which connect the uterus to the pubic region of the pelvis. The round ligaments become tight towards the end of pregnancy, and can be painful in some cases. Your chiropractor will assess and address any tension in these ligaments throughout pregnancy.

Power refers to the nervous system. The nervous system is so important in coordinating both the development of baby, as well as initiating and coordinating labor. Subluxations, or joints that lack motion or alignment, create stress in the nervous system. With the chiropractic adjustment, subluxations can be removed before they have a negative impact on pregnancy and labor.

The benefits of seeing a Webster Certified Chiropractor

Research has shown that both labor time and pain is reduced in Moms that see a chiropractor during their pregnancy. First time Moms experienced 25% less labor time, and Moms who had given birth before had, on average, 31% less labor time (1). What mom wouldn’t want that?!

Chiropractic care also helps address problems that may arise during pregnancy. Low back pain, sciatica, pubic pain, reflux, and headaches are symptoms that chiropractic patients can find relief from. It is important to address not just the surface layer symptoms. The goal with Chiropractic is to dive deep and find the actual cause of the symptoms.

When can I start seeing a chiropractor when I’m pregnant?

Adjustments can and should be given throughout the entirety of pregnancy. Because Mom and baby are so closely connected, it is important to remove spinal and nervous system stress as early and often in pregnancy as possible. It is never too early to start getting adjusted during pregnancy. Find a chiropractor that is certified in the Webster Technique. They will provide a thorough assessment, and create a care plan to take care of you throughout your pregnancy. Also, don’t consider it too late to start seeing a chiropractor if you are later in pregnancy. Some moms will start care during their last trimester. Getting adjusted a few times is better than nothing at all!

Let’s not forget about postpartum adjustments. Moms' bodies change so much so quickly during pregnancy. It is important that during the recovery period, adjustments are made to facilitate proper healing.

In the end, getting adjusted throughout pregnancy has great benefits. If I had to leave you with 3 pieces of advice it would be this…

  1. Build your birthing team. Find a Webster Certified Chiropractor to build a pregnancy plan that will prepare you for birth while addressing not just your symptoms, but the cause of those symptoms.

  2. Read, learn, and educate yourself if your current provider is not. The more you know, the more educated decisions you can make about the health of you and your baby. Know that you have options, especially during labor.

  3. Keep moving! Look into local prenatal yoga classes. Go for walks. Stay active so your body is ready for the marathon that is labor. You don't want to show up to a marathon without any training!

1. J.M. Fallon. Textbook on chiropractic & pregnancy. Arlington, VA: International Chiropractic Association; 1994: 52, 109.

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