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Plymouth Chiropractor

Before your
first visit

After talking to one of our chiropractic advocates, you will be sent health history forms via email to fill out online.

The more we know about you, the more we will be able to help! 

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


Day One

Finally, we will be able to meet face to face! Upon arrival, you will be cheerfully greeted and given a tour of our beautiful office. Dr. Ian will then meet with you to begin the initial consultation, addressing your health goals and answering any questions you may have. 

After connecting with you one on one over your paperwork, a detailed chiropractic exam will be performed. Using our state of the art INSiGHT technology, we will measure the amount of stress on the central nervous system. These neuro-spinal scans are completely safe and noninvasive. The results are used to customize your care as well as track your progress with us. 

This first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes, so please plan accordingly. If you are a parent to a child with sensory challenges or neuro-developmental delays, we recognize that going into new spaces can be difficult at times. Please let us know before our first meeting how we can best serve your family. We are happy to do phone consultations, or block off office hours to help your children feel at home.  


New Patients: Contact Me

Make an appointment today

1150 West Ann Arbor Road Ste. 102 Plymouth, MI 48170 | Call (734) 707-1764

Make an appointment today

1150 West Ann Arbor Road Ste. 102 Plymouth, MI 48170 | Call (734) 707-1764


Day Two

By the time you come in for your second visit, Dr. Ian will have thoroughly reviewed your history and scan findings. We call this second meeting the "Report of Findings." The doctor will explain the results of the scans as they relate to your specific condition or challenge. We are passionate about educating our practice members so please ask questions! It is important that you understand these scans, as the results will dictate your personalized care schedule. Please note, this appointment can take 35-45 minutes. 

Once the report is complete and your questions are answered, it's time to get adjusted!

Make an appointment today

1150 West Ann Arbor Road Ste. 103 Plymouth, MI 48170 | Call (734) 667-3095

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